Catalog Overview
Coated Abrasives
Coated Abrasive Belts
Coated Abrasive Cartridge Rolls
Coated Abrasive Flap Discs
Coated Abrasive Flap Wheels
Coated Abrasive PSA Discs
Coated Abrasive Quick Change Discs
CGW Abrasives 2 Ply Quick Change Laminated Discs
Standard Abrasives 2 Ply Quick Change Laminated Discs
Weiler, Tiger Blending Discs
Hardware for QC Discs
Holder Pads
TS-Metal Hub Type (SocAtt) Holder Pads
CGW Abrasives S-Type (Turn On) Holder Pads
Standard Abrasives TS (SocAtt) Holder Pads
TR-Threaded Hub Type (Lockit) Holder Pads
TP-Snap Type (ClickOn) Holder Pads
Large Diameter Pads with 5/8-11 Arbor
Coated Abrasive Resin Fibre Discs
Coated Abrasive Sheets
Coated Abrasive Shop Rolls
Cut-Off Wheels (Type 1)
Depressed Center Wheels
Diamond Tools and Wheels
Dressing Sticks
Grinding Wheels (Vitrified Bond)
Mounted Points
Non-Woven Abrasives
Cutting Tools
Fluids, Markers & Paint
Hand Tools
Measuring Instruments
Tool Holding
Tool Steel & Shim
Work Holding

1. SA 541059 3 IN SS PAD-TA4
2. SA 541060 3 IN SM PAD-TA4
3. SA 541061 3 IN SF PAD-TA4

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